Beard Oil: The How-To Guide

beard oil how toNow that your beard is starting to grow and take shape and you’ve read all about the wonders of beard oil and why you should use it, you need to start using it to benefit from it and to give your beard the maintenance it needs and deserves. How do you use it though? This is what is discussed in the post below. We will look at everything from how you determine how much beard oil you use on your beard to pouring techniques, application techniques and how often you should use it.

How Much Beard Oil Should You Use Anyway?

The thickness and length of your beard is what determines the amount of beard oil you need. As with the majority of oils in general, a small amount can go a long way. An average beard requires around 6 drops of beard oil a day, meaning a 1 ounce bottle should last you for 3 months or 100 uses approximately. Here are some recommendations for the amount of beard oil you should use depending where you are in the growing process:

  • Completely beardless (1 Month) 3 to 4 drops, daily.
  • 1 to 3 months – 4 to 6 drops, daily
  • 3 to 12 months – 6 to 10 drops, daily
  • 12 months or more – 10 drops or more, daily.

Techniques For Pouring Beard Oil

Typically, you will find that beard oil comes in very small bottles that can range from as little as 1 fluid ounce in volume to 3 fluid ounces. Each and every beard oil company out there has slightly different pouring mechanisms or bottle caps. Some brands even use an orifice reducer widget inside the bottle which helps dispense the oil easily. However, you will find that it is not the hardest thing in the world to do anyway.

It can however be a little tricky. The key to pouring beard oil is to turn the bottle upside down and tap it into an opened hand. Your goal is not to waste any oil at all. If you are using a dropper, as some brands have attached on the underside of the lid, you need to make sure you put it back into the bottle after using, instead of leaving it for any time on a counter or table. This is crucial as it prevents contamination of the oils in the bottle.

Techniques For Applying Beard Oil

Once you have your chosen beard oil in your hand and have followed the tips above, you will want to start off by rubbing it between your hands to even out the distribution. You then need to work it into your skin and then onto your beard, in that order, remembering to apply it also to your moustache. It is highly recommended, though not a hard and fast rule but just something I have found works, that you apply beard oil to your face and beard while your skin is still damp and warm from cleansing or a shower. This is because when your skin is wet and damp its pores are open and the beard oil can be absorbed easily into your skin.

If you have any excess beard oil still in your palm, I also recommend that you rub it into your hair, neck and elbows. As you may know by now, beard oil is designed to make skin look and feel healthier and this results in a beard that looks and feels healthier.

How Often You Should Use Beard Oil

How often you use beard really comes down to personal preference. I tend to use beard oil every day without fail and really do prefer how my beard feels when it has a leave-in conditioner of this type in it. My beard is around 12 months long now. If you live in a more humid environment and have a shorter beard, you may be able to get away with just using beard oil every few days. In drier climates though, you may have to apply beard oil every few hours over the course of a day.

You will find that beard oils that use natural essential oils for their fragrance do not last quite as long as the products that use synthetic ingredients. The beard oil’s scent will always be strongest immediately after you apply it, and will start to fade gradually from that point onwards. You should keep in mind that your nose will adjust to the scent eventually and this will make it less noticeable. Before you lather your beard up then, ask a friend or family member to smell your beard and scent to check.