Why Beard Oil Is A Modern Grooming Essential

Beard Oil ReviewsIt may appear to anyone who has never grown a beard before like it is a straight forward process. Most probably believe it is just a simple case of not using your shaver or razor, sitting back and letting nature take it’s course.

However, if you have grown a beard before, I have, you will know it is not really that simple. There is a big difference between the unkempt, scraggy bit of hair hanging from someone’s chin because they forgot to shave for 6 months and well groomed, good looking facial hair. To grow a beard properly it takes a lot of work, patience and diligence. This is why beard oil is one, if not the, most important thing you can use to grow a great looking, clean and healthy beard.

You can check out what beard oil is on a different page. It is essentially an oil that helps to clean and condition your beard, while treating your skin kindly too.

Different Beard Oils For Different Hair Types And Conditions

If you were to run a search for beard oils right now, you would discover that there are various kinds of beard oils, each for treating a different type of hair and/or condition. For instance, if you suffer from beard dandruff, there’s an oil for you. Dandruff, if you didn’t already know, is cause by your skin being either too oily or too dry – both of which are very common problems for beard. Fortunately though, they are also two of the easiest conditions to treat using a well chosen beard oil. As dry skin also goes hand in hand with irritation and itching, a beard oil with moisturising properties is also helpful.

The Longer The Beard, The More Beard Oil You Need

As obvious as it is, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t understand the basic principle that the longer your beard is, the more oil it needs. If you have experience growing your hair, particularly your heard hair, you will know that eventually a nice tight and clean beard can lose a lot of its lustre once it grows to a particular length.

This happens for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most obvious reason is as a long hair has more mass, the smallest imperfections transform into bigger problems Beard oil can smooth your beard hair out and make it less unkempt and when your beard is pliable and healthy, it requires less time spent looking after it.

The Difficulty Of Maintaining a Healthy Beard

Aside from any specific problems you may face when you grow a beard, there is normal day to day maintenance you need to incorporate into your routine. Maintaining a healthy full and long beard can be a difficult task primarily because it is on your face where all can see it. You can’t hide any problems you have with your beard. You can use beard oil though, to add shine, lustre and a healthy look in general to your beard, without much effort at all.

How Beard Oil Can Help You With Styling

You can also use beard oil to style your facial hair. Perhaps you have a specific style you are trying to achieve with your beard and want to encourage your hair to grow in the right direction without using a hair spray type product. Or, perhaps you just want to keep any fuzz to an absolute minimum or control the flyaway hairs. Regardless of the reason, beard oil is a very useful and effective styling product.

Tips For Beard Oil Application

Although it can take practice to get the precise amount that is right for your beard growth and face just right, once you know what you are doing with beard oil it is very simple to use. Once you have some oil, put a small amount into the palm of your hand and massage it gently into your facial hair. If you are using beard oil to treat skin that is too oily or too dry, it is crucial you make sure the oil reaches through to your skin. In any other situation, you need to just evenly and thoroughly distribute the beard oil throughout all of your beard.

After you have applied the beard oil, you are then able to brush, comb or style your beard the way you normally do. The only difference you may notice is that the process of grooming your beard is a lot easier and more rewarding than normal.

As previously noted, there are various different types of beard oils available nowadays, from simple, single-ingredient products such as coconut or olive oil to the more complicated, scientific mixtures. One beard oil that works for one person, may not work for you and vice versa. However, it should be noted that even the wrong beard oil is unlikely to do any real harm and using the wrong bead oil is definitely better than using none at all.