Maintaining A Healthier Beard

Growing your facial hair, as you may or may not know, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maintaining a healthier beard. If you have struggled to keep growing and maintaining a beard that looks and feels great or this is your first time every letting your facial hair grow out; … [Read more…]

Why Beard Oil Is A Modern Grooming Essential

Beard Oil Reviews

It may appear to anyone who has never grown a beard before like it is a straight forward process. Most probably believe it is just a simple case of not using your shaver or razor, sitting back and letting nature take it’s course. However, if you have grown a beard before, I have, you will … [Read more…]

Beard Oil: The How-To Guide

beard oil how to

Now that your beard is starting to grow and take shape and you’ve read all about the wonders of beard oil and why you should use it, you need to start using it to benefit from it and to give your beard the maintenance it needs and deserves. How do you use it though? This … [Read more…]

So, What’s in Beard Oil then?

whats in beard oil

For the uninitiated, beard oil is a hair product used to moisturise the skin underneath your beard, helping both your beard and skin to feel smooth, soft and shiny. It mimics natural oils produced by your skin, like sebum. What Ingredients Are Used In Beard Oil? Generally, beard oils consist of a combination of carrier … [Read more…]