So, What’s in Beard Oil then?

whats in beard oilFor the uninitiated, beard oil is a hair product used to moisturise the skin underneath your beard, helping both your beard and skin to feel smooth, soft and shiny. It mimics natural oils produced by your skin, like sebum.

What Ingredients Are Used In Beard Oil?

Generally, beard oils consist of a combination of carrier oils and essential oils. I have gathered together a list of some of the most common and why they are used.

Argan Oil (Also known as Moroccan Argan Oil)

This oil is able to penetrate through your hair and repair any damaged follicles. It also is known as an effective skin moisturiser and will make your hair shiny without being greasy.

Jojoba Oil

The great thing about Jojoba is that it shares a very similar molecular structure to the natural oils found in skin known as sebum. Although it is known to be greasy, it reportedly has some anti-bacterial properties and a long life.

Coconut Oil

This is considered by many to be perhaps the most effective and potent moisturiser ever. There are many claims regarding coconut oil – such as it can prevent split-ends and breakages, as well as softening and adding shine to your hair and stimulating the growth of hair in the follicles. The downside is that if it is used on its own it can be very greasy and hard to wash out.

Grapeseed Oil

As well as having mild antiseptic qualities, this oil also is a great moisturiser

Olive Oil

Can be used to treat dandruff and frizzy hair, as well as softening and adding shine to your hair. The fatty acids it has coat the hair shaft and protect it.

Vitamin E Oil

This oil helps to stimulate blood circulation as it contains antioxidants. It is also claimed that Vitamin E can repair split ends and stop greying from happening too early, as well as adding shine to your hair.

Sesame Oil

This oil has a number of interesting properties including working as a natural sunscreen, increasing circulation, preventing greying and even darkening your hair. It also is a very effective moisturiser and can be used as a treatment for head lice when mixed with other essential oils.

Rosemary Oil

It is claimed that this oil can help your hair to grow stronger and maybe even longer, as it helps to stimulate the follicles. As a natural conditioner it is good for hair and can prevent dandruff. Word of warning though, do not use if you have light coloured hair, unless you want it darker, as it can darken hair.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is often used in a variety of products for it’s fragrance. This is the case when it comes to beard oil too, but it is also used as it reduces itchiness and can help the skin to retain moisture, as well as being an effective defence against dandruff.

Castor Oil

This particular oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and contains proteins, minerals and Vitamin E. It helps to condition hair by helping the hair shaft keep moisture better, while reducing split-ends. Regular use could encourage hair to grow thicker.


Although used less than others on the list, this oil contains protein, vitamins (especially high in Vitamin E) and is particularly rich in essential fatty acids. It has a scent that can take some getting used to when used on it’s own, but is also good for conditioning skin and hair and helps your skin retain moisture.

loe Vera

Aloe Vera use can be traced far as back in history to Ancient Egypt. It promotes healthy hair growth and can get rid of dead skin cells thanks to the enzymes it contains and can also balance out hair and skin PH. As an effective conditioner it adds lustre and strength to hair and reduces dandruff, dry skin and itching.

Nettle Extract

Nettles use can be traced back as far as the Bronze age. Nettles are rich in antioxidants and great for battling dandruff. It also contains stimulants, deodorising agents, anti-bacterial, anti-astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil extracted from nettles can also help to stimulate hair growth and restore its vibrancy along with blocking the hormone that can cause baldness, DHT. If that wasn’t enough, it also can help your hair growth hormones stay balanced.

The above list is not in the least bit a full list, as there are many other oils used for their hair and skin health properties as well as for their fragrance. It does though at least serve as a good overview of what you can expect to find in beard oil products.